How To Contact Me

Electronic Mail
The best way to contact me is definitely email. I regularly check my main email account. If you use PGP, you can encode or sign your message to me with my PGP public key.

[email protected] Email

I use ICQ. My ICQ number is 5847207.

Internet Talk
If you want, you can try to talk to me via unix or windows talk program.

You can try to chat with me right now:

Talk [email protected]

WinTalk Client (UNIX: "talk")

Snail Mail
Snail mail is too slow for normal communication, I only use it ocasionally. But if you want to, you can rich me at the following addresses:
During The Summer: Sergey Protasov ( phone +7 3511 371467 )
Otherwise: Sergey Protasov

Kerchenskaya d. 1a korp. 1, 113303
Moscow, Russia

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